Amber Oak State

Based on Kansas City and Chicago, Amber Oak State includes the city skyline’s most notable buildings such as the Willis Tower, the Mark Twain Tower, Rookery building and many more! Amber Oak State is best viewed through the texture pack, which includes using custom leaves and grass that create the crispy autumn colors that will for sure have you placing an order at the Starbucks to keep warm!

New Horizons

Ground Control to Major Tom, it’s an oldie but a goldie! New Horizons was one of the first few maps led directly by Sanders in Helix’s early days. It’s crowded with space tech, geometric decorations that blend seamlessly with bio-labs, space mines and more! Players get to explore a distant space station that became a home to many. Originally a submission for MCGamer, New Horizons beams a light on the


Lights, camera, ACTION! In this rendition, we took some of the most popular landmarks of California and weaved them together in a Survival Games map. You can take a gambling bet at the Casino, or take a drive through the iconic Golden Gate bridge. Perhaps you’d also be interested in taking a relaxing break at the dLuxe hotel, before going celebrity spotting in Hollywood! Surf’s up, it’ll be a rad

Holiday Resort 2

Originally built in 2015, “Holiday Resort 2” is the sequel to Simey’s original Survival Games map “Holiday Resort“. Being enthusiastic Minecraft Survival Games players at the time, the team decided to rework the original map; primarily to improve aesthetics as well as to tweak certain gameplay aspects of the map to allow for quicker Survival Games matches. In 2020, the team decided to go back to “Holiday Resort 2” to