Alvarian IV

It’s snowing! After the catastrophic events of the previous season, Alvarian has begun hibernation amidst a long and dreaded winter. But there’s always joy within the seasonal cold! A gigantic Christmas tree, decorated with ornaments sits in the centre of Alvarian, while the gifts from all the elves sit underneath waiting to be opened. From the northern lake to the now inactive volcanoes, Alvarian IV is given the winter wonderland

Alvarian III

There’s been rumbling tremors throughout the land. Many years have passed since the industrial revolution, and the volcanoes have roared their way into a new era. Alvarian III is the most unforgiving of arena’s, with lava lakes and treacherous terrain uncovered by the earthquake and eruptions. Areas have been covered in ash and the newly revised settlements and towns face another threat, as new infrastructure such as the highway bear

Alvarian II

It’s the industrial revolution everyone! For the second season of MCU, we revamped Alvarian I 200 years into the future. Now featuring a train track that spans around the map, you can journey across to discover the industrialization that has redefined every town, village and settlement across the map


The mythical land of Alvarian is upon you. PikaClicks commissioned us to construct one of our biggest projects to date for the popular event known as ‘Minecraft Ultimate’. Featuring over 200 content creators, and the immense success of this event raised over $100,000 for charity in the span of 4 different seasons. This 2000 x 2000 block map is based on Alvarian Legacy, another MCGamer SG map we submitted in