About Us

On May 10th, 2014, a group of friends in a Minecraft community gathered together to work on their first Survival Games map. This was the beginning of Team Helix. Our first map was ‘Sunflower Street’, a 3v3 arena for CoveMC, before Helix’s founder niekrm passed on the torch to our current leader, Sanders. 

On November 7th, 2015 we officially partnered with the MCGamer network and continued to create a series of Survival Games maps including Alvarian, New Horizons, Valentines, Mausoleum and a revamp of the popular MCSG staple, ‘Holiday Resort’.

Since then, Team Helix has set foot on new terrain. We built the maps for all four seasons of the Minecraft Ultimate events, raising over $100,000 dollars for charity together with over 200 content creators. 

We continued perfecting our craft with every creation, exploring new themes, tools and methods, while making it our priority to build the most unique worlds.

Throughout our seven years of building content, Team Helix has remained devoted to craft only the best for all players and clients, by executing the finest of details, and leaving no stone unturned when creating colourful worlds.